A Better Cannabis Cooperative

Sun, water, air, and Oregon.

Together, we can

We make the business of cannabis easier.

Angel's product development comes directly from customers.

By bridging the gaps, we create happy cannabis consumers.   #together

The Happenings at ABC

Greening at the greenhouse

It's time to plant seeds, lay rows, and water all our things.   In Southern Oregon the temperature can swing 30 degrees in one day.  #focus

Spring in Southern Oregon is sweet

This spring we have not only added to our compost, we've crossed lanes into Ag.   Organic dairy farm manure is helping us boost yields at the farm #oregon #sun

Using all the plant, for the win

Our products and practices keep growing.  This year we are making an extra conscious effort to use all parts of the hemp and cannabis plants we use, even the stalks.  #compost

Edibles heating up @ ABC

We have been working hard to get kitchen setup now for both cannabis and hemp edibles.    Soon, A Better Cannabis Brownie will emerge.  #coolDown

Angel 2.0: Locked and loaded

The new boxes are in, the new formulas are brewing, and we're officially committed to the Angel new formula launch.  #labels #controlstudy #olcc

Investments in all our things

We are investing in the lab.  Our improvements in ABC1 includes investing in the resources we have and making them better.   Our new lab space opens today. #thestars

Vendor days are good days

The new table covers are done.   And now and the upgraded Angel Industries vendor day program is officially kicked off.   We learn as much as we share.  #scheduleUs

Facility move: mission completed

Our little business keeps growing.  With the third move of the ACAB "ABC1" wholesale license we now have climate controlled storage for flower and the scissors to match. 

Bad weather days in style

Winter brings snow all over Oregon and requires extra footing.  Recent additions to our fleet give our team more comfort in getting the goods there.   #hills #valleys

R&D Testing the next formulas

Next generation drops formulas has been a hit with our team.   Thanks for our partners we have lots of new ingredients to play with.  #science

Dropping the 50,000th Angel Drop

Our next version inventory system went into beta testing.   Our major accomplishments seem to come from many, many minor steps.  #together #prepare #justintime