A Better Cannabis Cooperative

A dedicated collective of cannabis farmers, distributors, and retailers harnessing the power of community and the rich growing conditions of Oregon.

Closest to the Source

How do you create happy cannabis customers? At ABC Coop, we believe it doesn’t start with just one step of the supply chain—it involves honoring both consumers and suppliers at every level. Working closely with growers, distributors, and retailers throughout the state of Oregon and beyond, we are evolving the cannabis supply chain distribution model. Join us in creating a network which is fair and resilient for all.


How We Bring Customers Quality Cannabis Products

Oversight at Every Step

A Resilient System

Fair Payments and Honest Sales

Demand-Driven Products

Join the ABC Coop Revolution

Through our farm and retailer programs, you can join our flourishing network, expanding the reach and reliability of your distribution. Our ABC Coop certification on your products tells customers you meet our rigorous standards for quality and fairness. Ready to join our family? Let’s chat.