Happy Halloween from Angel Coop [Free Activity Stencil]

The spooky season is here! While we are hard at work here at ABC expanding our product line and our distribution of Oregon hemp, we’ve also been getting into the spirit of the holiday. We wanted to come up with a way we could celebrate with our retailers and customers. Our print production crew had the perfect idea—a pumpkin carving stencil with the Angel logo!

Pretty cool, huh? You can download the stencil here for free. As you can see, one of our employees tried it out, and the result is stunning!

Whether you’re a retailer or a customer, a pumpkin carved with our iconic Angel wing is the perfect way to greet anyone who walks up to your door. And we’d be thrilled if you share your results with us! If you do so, we’ll share it with the world on our Instagram account. Enjoy Halloween, and check back with us soon to see what is in store for the holiday season!