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Angel Hemp CBD Pet Drops

Support your pet’s well-being with Oregon CBD drops.

The heavenly CBD your furry angel deserves.

Whether your pet is experiencing mild aches associated with aging or occasional jitters when it is thundering outside, Angel Hemp CBD Pet Drops offer soothing natural support. Available in concentrations of 1,000mg, 2,000mg and 5,000mg, we offer doses which are suitable for large and small animals.


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  • Pet 1,000mg Hemp CBD Drops - Flavorless
  • Pet 2,000mg Hemp CBD Drops - Flavorless
  • Pet 5,000mg Hemp CBD Drops - Flavorless

Choosing the Right Dose of CBD for Your Pet

How much CBD should you give your pet? The answer depends on the concentration of the product you choose, the size and weight of your pet, and whether you are giving a lower maintenance dose or a higher therapeutic dose.

To help you determine a safe and effective dose for your pet, we have put together a simple chart.

Learn About Angel Hemp CBD Pet Drops

Did you know that just like you, your dog or cat has an endocannabinoid system? That means that CBD is able to interact with your pet’s CB1 and CB2 receptors.

Like Angel Hemp CBD drops for humans, Angel Hemp CBD Pet Drops are made by isolating the CBD molecule from local Oregon hemp using hydrocarbon extraction. We then instill it into organic medium chain triglyceride (MCT) fractionated coconut oil.

No significant amounts of THC remain in our finished pet products. This is very important, since your dog or cat cannot safely ingest THC. We subject our CBD oils for pets to rigorous testing to ensure that no THC or other contaminants are present in the oils before we put them on our shelves.

Moreover, our CBD oils for dogs and cats are flavorless and absorb rapidly, making it easy to administer CBD to even the most finicky pets.

The Oregon hemp which we use to manufacture our pet drops is grown by farms which have earned the ABC Coop certification. To earn this certification, farmers must follow practices for healthy, sustainable hemp growth and harvesting. We are involved at every level with checking and ensuring the quality of our products.

Be sure to check our dosing chart if you are giving your pet CBD for the first time. And if you have any questions about Oregon CBD for pets, just drop us a line.