ABC Grows: Lindorea by CW Hemp Supply Company

This year we have been blessed with Lindorea seeds by the good folks at CW Hemp Supply Company.

After seven days, the germination cycle begins.  

Lindorea starting to germinate in the greenhouse in Oregon

A gentle rain from overhead on the first day.

First soaking.   A perfectly warm, but not hot, spring day.  Ahh.

Prepping Lindorea for the seed trays.  This round we used Rogue Soil's Rocket Fuel blend to give them extra love

Olivia is in a black hoodie with an angel logo.  She gets ready to drop the first batch of seeds in trays in the greenhouse next to bag of soil

A few trays worth of seeds to get started.   The seeds have some black speckles and are quite uniform in size.

200 seeds on a white background with the date 5/31.  Seeds are grouped together.

Lindorea's seed package includes all the information you need.  The expected germination is 79% and 3,000 seeds weights 42 grams.

Lindoera seed package comes with Seed Lot Information and the address / phone number of the company.

Lindorea seeds arrived air tight from Colorado, USA

Lindorea by CW Hemp Supply Company seed package is airtight with a logo on the right