Purple Punch - Batch 6410

Batch '6410 evaluation

Date: Feb 25, 2020

Inspector(s): Olivia Doty

"This batch of Jillybean presents the mango side more and a hint of sweet orange."

Farm:  Angel Farms, Rainwater license

THC: 17.1%  CBD: <LOQ

Tested by: MW Labs, Harvest date: 11/02/2019, Test date: 01/25/2020 

Grade:  B buds

Ratings 1 2 3 4 5
Trim x
Stem x
Seeds x
Color x
Smell x
Bud structure x
Moisture content x
Trichome x
Cleanliness x
Size consistency x

Total score: 40 points out of potential 50

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 Getting close to harvest





 Grading the Purple Punch