Statewide Weekly Distribution

The products your customers love delivered to your location once a week, rain or shine.

Keep Your Shelves Stocked and Your Customers Happy

What if you could look forward to weekly reliable deliveries of quality cannabis products no matter where you are? Whether you are in or near a major city or out in a far-flung rural part of Oregon, that is what ABC Coop can provide.

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Our Fleet

We operate a fleet of 8 vehicles which visit every part of Oregon once a week. Most distributors don’t do this more than once a month. But our dedicated team goes the extra mile to make sure that all of our retail partners benefit from a weekly delivery schedule.

Our Services

We can drop off products and samples, schedule a flower showing, or just do a quick stop-in at your location.

Oregon and Beyond

Located out-of-state? While we are Oregon-based, we are expanding beyond state borders. We would love to include you in our delivery route.

The Friend in Need Program

Tired of quality and pricing jumping up and down throughout the year? Through our Friend in Need program, you can receive a set price on our products throughout the year and look forward to offering your customers the same level of quality even during a drought.

Join Our Network of Retailers

It’s time to put an end to inconsistent delivery schedules. Become our retail partner, and we will be at your Oregon location once a week to deliver products, drop off samples, and more.

Connect to a sales person for your area of Oregon now. If you are outside of Oregon, contact our sales team to discuss your needs. We look forward to delivering high-quality Oregon cannabis to your location.