The Friend in Need Program

The Friend in Need Program

Set Pricing. Consistent Quality. Year-round supply.

One of our missions at ABC Coop is to provide customers with quality flower throughout the year at a reasonable cost. Our Friend in Need program is a partnership between us, the distributor, and you, the dispensary, which makes this happen.

How It Works

1. We grade the flower and transfer it to our climate-controlled storage.

2. You tell us what you need based on customer requirements.

3. We provide you with the flower at a set rate all year. That means no weird jumps in price, even during droughts, and no drop in supply or quality.

Through this program, we remove a lot of the uncertainty of flower supply from the equation. You know what to expect, and so do your customers. You build a reputation for reliability and quality which keeps buyers coming back for more.

This year, we expect to distribute some of our favorites through Friend in Need, including Bruce Banner, Purple Punch, Kosher Kush, as well as some new flowers your customers are going to love.

Become a Friend in Need Dispensary

Ready to share the benefits of set pricing and reliable quality with your customers? Contact a sales person in your area of Oregon.